This Autumn we have teamed up with Hampshire Healthy Families to run FREE fun, informative workshops aimed at parents with babies up to school age on Thursday mornings at the Clubhouse. You are welcome to arrive from 10am to start at 10:15am. The Cafe will be open as usual.

September 29th, week one is Baby Talk.
Based on the Five to Thrive approach, this 1½hr Baby Talk workshop will help you discover the importance of speaking to your baby from an early age, and practical ways to help develop their speech and language. The workshop is available to parents and carers of babies from 9 months to 18 months.
We will share activities and ideas, using singing, actions, games and rhymes, making it a fun way to learn through play.

13th October, week 2 is Toddler Talk.

This session will help you discover how children’s speech and language develops, and will give you different ideas of how you can support your child.
How do we learn to talk? You will find out the answer and learn how you can support your child’s language development and help them learn new words. Your child learns more easily when they are playing – you will learn new games and activities that you can play together and have fun. There are lots of things that you can do during everyday life to help your child to talk more.

20th October, week three is Family Food and Fitness.

This session aims to work with you to gain an understanding of portion sizes, and also the confidence to start cooking from scratch and making meal times a real family activity.
Sessions are free. You can book with Hampshire Healthy Families or just turn up.