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Carvers Recreation Ground Community Consultation

Carvers Recreation Ground - Community Consultation
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If the Coronavirus Crisis has shown us anything, it is how valuable our outdoor spaces are and the 6-acre site just a short walk from the Town Centre it is a much valued asset for Ringwood. It has a popular skate park, community centre with café, play area, table tennis and cricket pitch; but is there more that could be done to make it an attractive, relaxing and useful recreational park? Over the next few weeks and months, we will be talking to the community about Carvers. We want to know what would make it even better for you and your family. What would make you visit more? What would make you stay? Do you know a similar Town Centre space elsewhere which ticks more boxes for you? This is your chance to tell us. Our aim is to use the information to apply for funding to make your suggestions into reality. Please note that we will be moderating the page to keep things friendly and polite- thank you in advance.

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Nature play

There is increasing evidence that contact with nature provides a wide variety of benefits for children and adults. These include physical, mental and social well-being benefits as well as a wide range of learning opportunities and the chance to develop an interest in and understanding of nature. Although Carvers is a large site, it is somewhat lacking in a variety of natural materials. As part of the consultation we have introduced some logs and tree stumps to see if more natural materials are enjoyed and played with by children and young people. Would you like to see even more natural materials introduced?

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Anyone for Table Tennis?

We have a new outdoor table tennis table situated just outside the Clubhouse on a hard surface. Bats and balls can be borrowed or purchased from the Clubhouse during opening hours or you can turn up and play whenever you want. We want to see the table being used as much as possible so is there anything else that we could do? Coaching days for example? A summer tournament? Tell us below.

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New football goals

Lots of young people have told us that they would like to play football at Carvers and asked us if we would install goals. We are pleased to say that Ringwood Town Council have purchased a set of goals with nets. The challenge is positioning them so that they don't interfere with cricket matches played at the weekend. We assume that most people wanting to play football at the park just want an informal kick-around with friends so for this reason and the issue with the cricket we plan to separate the goals. The first one has been installed near the tennis courts and the second one will be put by the skate park. These positions are not fixed in stone and we are happy to move them. But please do consider our cricket dilemma when feeding this back!

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Feedback from the go...

Charmaine Bennett

Skate Park

The skate park is well used but let us know below if there is anything you think could be improved.

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